In the meantime, here’s an upcoming event of interest from the Prout Research Institute:

Join us THIS SUMMER at the Economic Democracy Training, August 1-6, 2024 in the Blue Ridge Mountains

Immerse yourself in a transformative 5-day journey for unlocking ECONOMIC DEMOCRACY through cooperative leadership, sustainable living, and a holistic exploration of systems change.

  • Are you passionate about creating a more equitable and sustainable world? 
  • Do you want to learn how communities can gain control over their economies for the benefit of all of their residents? 
  • Would you like to become part of the cooperative movement transforming the workplace and our economy? 
  • Are you interested in sustainable approaches to local food production?

Then we invite you to join us for an immersive five-day training that will empower you with the knowledge, skills, and connections needed to make a difference in your community.

What you will get out this training:

1. Learn about the different dimensions of economic democracy where people decide how to develop a productive, thriving economy for all.

2. Explore the history and future trajectories of the cooperative model, emphasizing its role as a key driver of societal change.

3. Enhance your leadership skills and values through workshops on team dynamics, cooperation skills, and community engagement.

4. Immerse yourself in the daily rhythms of a holistic land community, by participating in garden chores, permaculture workshops, and hikes through the surrounding mountains and stunning waterfall.

5. Engage in yoga and meditation classes to find inner balance and clarity. 

6. Connect with like-minded individuals who share your passion for change. Harness the power of networking and unity as you build lasting relationships with fellow participants. 

Through workshops, experiential activities, field trips, and collective living, this training will provide a perfect opportunity for personal growth, community building, and social transformation.

Join Us Today!

Date: August 1-6, 2024

Cost: $350 (scholarships are available)

Location: Prout Research Institute, Marshall, NC (30 min from Asheville, in the Blue Ridge Mountains)

Registration link:

For more information, we are holding a free public Zoom seminar where the trainers and organizers of the event will present their vision of the Economic Democracy Training and be available to answer questions. 

Here is the link for the June 27th free online public seminar:

Take the first step towards creating a better world. Join the Movement for Systems Change today!

About Us:

This program is brought to you by the Prout Research Instituteof Asheville and the Prout Alliance. We are a dedicated collective of activists, cooperative developers, and systems change thinkers committed to promoting alternative economic models that ensure the basic needs of all individuals are met. Our mission is to foster an equitable and sustainable society through education, innovation, and community empowerment.For more information about Prout, visit

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